Rosalía and Tokischa Celebrate Dominican Culture on "Linda"

BY Heather Taylor-SinghPublished Sep 2, 2021

To end the summer on a bang, Rosalía and Dominican musician Tokischa have collaborated on a hot new track entitled "Linda." 

"Linda" is seemingly an ode to strong women, and draws on the club energy of Dominican dembow music. The duo exchange breezy verses over the beat, which fuses Tokischa's flow with Rosalía's style of flamenco pop.

The music video, directed by Raymi Paulus, matches the energy of the track, showing the two women flitting about their city, dressed in colourful outfits, partying in many places from an underground club to a rain-drenched street event. 

In a press release, Rosalía spoke highly of collaborating with Tokischa, whom she described as a "strong and indispensable woman, who doesn't conform to any moulds." 

"I admire her because she is unapologetically herself and doesn't try to be a role model," she continued. "This song came together in [Dominican Republic city] Los Guandules, where I was inspired by and felt the affection of its generous people who are filled with creativity. Viva dembow and viva la República Dominicana!"

Watch the infectious and energetic music video for "Linda" below.

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