Rory Gallagher Big Guns: The Very Best of Rory Gallagher

The luck of the Irish had nothing on Rory Gallagher. A life cut tragically short, this humble, talented man took the blues world by storm with his artistic honesty and unparalleled passion for the music of Muddy Waters, the Kings and John Lee Hooker. Some 17 albums and too-short 47 years later, he was gone. Big Guns keeps the faith and continues the legacy for those discovering that the best music can be timeless and music’s most distinctive voices can never be extinguished. From his love of traditional blues to his blues rock calling card, Big Guns attempts to focus on 24 key Rory cuts which, tastefully done, serve to send the listener back to find the rest (which, to be fair, could be the only true mission of a true retrospective). Two previously unreleased tracks satiate the hardcore blues fans while an elaborate 36-page booklet goes a long way towards initiating the new fan into the lore that has passed from fact to legend. Big Guns marks an essential starting point on the road to discovering a fresh and vital innovator and a master guitarist who made a major contribution in a minor amount of time. (Sony BMG)