Ron Hawkins Readies '246' Album with the Do Good Assassins

Hear new song "Teenage Insurrection" now
Ron Hawkins Readies '246' Album with the Do Good Assassins
Just over five years on from singing Garden Songs with the Do Good Assassins, Ron Hawkins has got the band back together for a new full-length album. The Lowest of the Low leader will release 246 independently on August 28.

The album was recorded using a 1985 Tascam 246 4-track cassette recorder in drummer Jody Brumell's living room and was mixed through analogue outboard gear. In a release, Hawkins summed up the ethos for the sessions plainly: "all analogue, no digital tomfoolery."

"Recording on the 4-track brought memories rushing back to me; the same excited urgency I felt when I first recorded on the exact same Tascam 4-track back in 1985 writing my first awkward songs," he explained. "The smell of head cleaner and that magical ozone smell from the capstan and the mechanical parts transported me to a time when I first fell in love with music and its endless possibilities."

New song "Teenage Insurrection" arrives today, and you can find a stop motion video for it below alongside an album trailer. Created using an iPad, Hawkins said of the clip, "Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention. And never more so than in a global pandemic."

Hawkins and Lowest of the Low released their Agitpop album last year.