Rollins Band Nice

Henry Rollins returns in full force with a true rock record that makes nu-metal sound like techno dance music. And again, he musically surrounds himself with the instrumental hellhounds of Black Sabbath blues and jazz doom, Mother Superior. Nice is indeed very nice, and nicer than his previous album, Get Some Go Again, which in retrospect communicated itself as more of a weary piece in transition that was fuelled by protein shakes rather than the real deal. This time, the sounds are more up-front and searing, like raw meat being torn apart by stomach acids, electricity and teeth. The finger-stepping bass guitar amusingly and comfortably compliments Rollins' psychological prodding and sneering, and his dramatic fascination with desire, self-pity, loneliness and self-empowerment are all over this record. The inaugural addition of female backup vocals are nice too, making this album a sort of a classic 21st century hungry man's concept blues rock record in the vein of a Las Vegas casino stage show, except one that is followed by an earthquake. (Sanctuary)