Roger Sanchez Come With Me

From one of New York house’s biggest names comes the eagerly anticipated artist album, Come With Me, laden with sensuality and deep personal meaning. Club hit "Turn On the Music” starts well but soon the funky bass line is beaten to death, and "Take A Chance” feels like an actual Arabian night though the intro is too melodramatic and the tap-dancing sounds are unnecessary. "Lost” begins like the Britney track where she dies in the bathtub, accompanied by tribal drums but develops into a decent track. The MC on "Again” appears to have confused his microphone for a Dictaphone and although the singers and instrumentals are well chosen the lyrics are dire. The Spanish guitar is too prominent on "I’m Yours,” and though the finger cymbals are an authentic touch they could have been spared. "Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over” is the gem of the album because it is one of the few tracks that attempts less and achieves more. (Ultra)