Roger Daltrey Says He Could Lose His Voice "Within the Next Five Years"

He also offered an update on the Who's new album
Roger Daltrey Says He Could Lose His Voice 'Within the Next Five Years'
While Roger Daltrey has implored fans of the Who to stop smoking at live performances in an effort save his voice, the frontman believes he might be forced to hang up the mic in the near future regardless.

Speaking with Billboard about the Who's "Moving On! Tour," their forthcoming new album and future projects, Daltrey offered, "obviously within the next five years I think my voice will go. Age will get it in the end."

The frontman did add that "it's still there at the moment" before telling the publication the band's forthcoming new album "is turning out really much better than I ever thought it could be." The yet-to-be-titled disc would mark the Who's first new album since 2006's Endless Wire.

Daltrey revealed there are nine songs "that are absolutely fabulous," some of which will feature orchestration. "It's typical [Pete Townshend]," he offered of his longtime bandmate. "He's still got the bite and that knack of creating songs with the earworm that climbs into you. How it fits in the modern market I don't know, but I don't care. I know inside me it's good stuff."

Daltrey added of the material, "I think it's been important for Pete 'cause he doesn't want to be seen as someone going out peddling what he did 50 years ago. He's still current, and the stuff he's writing now will prove that."

You can read Daltrey's conversation with Billboard here.

Last month, he released an orchestral version of the band's iconic 1969 rock opera Tommy. Meanwhile, Townshend detailed his debut novel back in March.