Roedelius Reveals New Piano Piano Solo Album

Roedelius Reveals New <i>Piano Piano</i> Solo Album
As one half of legendary German kosmische outfit, Cluster, Hans-Joachim Roedelius has continued the project without co-founder Dieter Moebius under the name Qluster. As previously reported, the first Qluster album is set for release this June, but that's not the only project keeping Roedelius busy, as he's announced another solo album for release in the same month.

The record is called Piano Piano, and a press release explains that the title comes from the classical term "pianissimo," which indicates particularly soft music. Piano Piano is described as "a very soft, quiet album" where "Roedelius assumes the role of a fairytale character with his piano music, transported to a strange, fantastical landscape where, filled with awe and amazement, he tries to get his bearings."

Bureau B will release Piano Piano on June 21 on vinyl and CD. A tracklisting is available below and the cover is above.

Piano Piano:

1. "Die Gunst der Stunde"

2. "Einfach so"

3. "Die Ernte reift"

4. "Vergegenwärtigt"

5. "Bonheur"

6. "In Gedanken"

7. "Gut so"

8. "Leicht gemacht"

9. "Verweht"

10. "Frieden für Adjan" *

11. "Begegnung" *

12. "In der Dämmerung" *

* CD only