Roedelius Digs Into His Archives for Two New Releases

Roedelius Digs Into His Archives for Two New Releases
It's already been a busy year for German kosmische master Hans-Joachim Roedelius. After reforming Cluster under the new name Qluster and releasing the first in a planned trilogy of albums, he also issued a new solo album called Piano Piano. As if that weren't enough, he's announced two more releases to add to your listening pile.

 The first is a studio recording called Wasser Im Wind. Originally released in 1982, the album will get a proper reissue this summer. Using many of the same instruments found on the duo's recordings, Wasser Im Wind toes the line between a long-lost Cluster recording and a baroque-inspired Roedelius solo album.

The other album is Roedelius Plays Piano, a live concert recording taken from London in 1985. As legend has it, Roedelius acquired a grand piano in 1983 and became enamoured with the instrument, developing new material at a breakneck pace. He organized a series of concerts at London's Bloomsbury Theatre and took the stage to introduce the material. Guests on this never-before-released album include the Edge and Brian Eno.

In a press release, Roedelius recalls the piano he used for the show, saying, "At the Bloomsbury Theatre I encountered a Steinway grand piano of exceptional quality. I was thus given the perfect opportunity to put my ideas of simple piano rendition into practice. For me, the aural explorer, it was a gift from heaven."

Bureau B will release Wasser Im Wind on October 11 and Roedelius Plays Piano on August 30.