Rodux Iron Fan

Sounding like Christmas on the club floor, the expansive and ultra-energetic quality of Rodux's " Iron Fan" exudes a thickly layered tech house tribalism that's kept within the minimal genre by its underlying dub-y throb. While the title track's big room bounce is unbreakable, this EP sports four remixes that each producer takes a decidedly different tack with. The first, from Rodux, strips the track down to a chunky tech house gallop. Joe Silva gets it down to hard-edged techno basics, while Edgar De Ramon funkifies and hammers away in a progressive tech house stomper. Chris Fortier brings on the after-party version, which smoothly lightens the whole track up while also most closely resembling the original. And Rodux winds it all down with the deep and dub-y, Rhythm & Sound-like "Orchids." (Thoughtless)