Rococode "Weapon" (video)

Rococode 'Weapon' (video)
Vancouver quartet Rococode's Guns, Sex & Glory LP has its fair share of indie-pop bounce, but the ensemble tackle some heavier themes in their new video for album track "Weapon."

The song is one of the moodier pieces from the full-length, and the clip follows suit, portraying a grim, post-apocalyptic vision of things to come. In it, a young girl tries to make sense of her bleak surroundings, which apparently include a shaky electrical supply and streets filled with dudes in gas masks. She eventually goes so far to drug her overprotective teacher/father figure to find out the truth of what went wrong, society-wise.

Crawling into her attic, the girl peeps grainy VHS footage chronicling the moment the world went up in flames. Considering the outcome of Rococode's new video, let's just say that sometimes ignorance is bliss.

As previously reported, Rococode hit the road this fall with Rah Rah, and you can check those dates here.