Robyn and Röyksopp 'Do It Again' on Collaborative EP

Robyn and Röyksopp 'Do It Again' on Collaborative EP
Swedish pop darling Robyn was generous in 2010, offering not one but four releases under the Body Talk banner. Since then, she's been relatively quiet, but that's about to change with the release of a new EP.

Called Do It Again, the five-song release sees Robyn teaming up with frequent collaborators Röyksopp. In a press release, Robyn said the album's creation was entirely collaborative. "It started to feel more like a band thing than songs for a Röyksopp or Robyn album so we're releasing this music together as a band, you could say," she said.

The members of Röyksopp echoed this sentiment, saying, "This doesn't sound like Röyksopp featuring Robyn or Robyn produced by Röyksopp, it's just something else entirely, the word 'collaboration' has never before been more justified in the world of music!"

The EP's title track will be released as a single on April 28. In the meantime, a brief snippet of the release's "Monument" is available below. Of that song, Röyksopp's Svein Berge said, "I'm both pleased and excited with 'Monument;' it showcases a different side of Robyn, which I hope everyone can appreciate as much as I do!"

Listen to a snippet of "Monument" below. Do It Again arrives on May 27 via Arts & Crafts in Canada and Cherrytree/Interscope elsewhere.

Robyn and Röyksopp will also team up for some tour dates, though they've got none booked in Canada. Check out their itinerary here.

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Do It Again:

1. Monument
2. Sayit
3. Do It Again
4. Every Little Thing
5. Inside the Idle Hour Club