Robocop Kraus They Think They Are the Robocop Kraus

This latest effort by Germany’s the Robocop Kraus twists and shouts in all the right ways. The album launches off with "After Laughter Comes Tears” and "I Picture You,” two tracks that are fraught with pop delusions and hail to the spirit of Devo’s "best of” collection. But underneath the infectious sheen of Casio overtones and major chords, the Robocop Kraus remain a five-piece bent on maintaining a level of intelligence that shouldn’t be taken lightly just because the songs don’t always dwell in seriousness. In fact, the Robocop Kraus diligently keep a balance of anthems to party to while providing songs to connect to. "A Man’s Not a Bird” steps away from the ’80s and immerses itself into the angular, jangling art punk sound that has established itself so firmly into music today. "Small Houses Odd Cars” bursts into a stripped down inferno of rolling bass lines while delivering a scathing report on social change. As this new album plays on it’s easy to tell that each song takes on its own texture while keeping things easily attributable to the unmistakable style of the Robocop Kraus, and this a release that will please the politically-minded, dance freaks, and the post punk-obsessed alike. (Epitaph)