Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars Star Shaped CD Single

If you can barely read this review through your make-up encrusted eye sockets and your permanently attached sunglasses, then this is the record for you. These Toronto-based beauticians play classic '80s-style tight-pant rock reminiscent of bands like Faster Pussycat and Junkyard. Produced by big-deal guy in general GGGarth Richardson and Toronto nerd Moe Berg, these two songs couldn't have received any better treatment, sonically speaking. It's too bad, then, that a lot of people can't listen to this specially die-cut, star-shaped CD since its design renders it impossible to play on most "component-style" CD players. In some limited testing it would appear the classic "boom box" style of player has the best chance of rocking this disc. Putting on buttless chaps and firing off pyro in the living room also seemed to help. As for the songs, someone should inform Robin that a moratorium on lyrics concerning Elvis (and Marilyn Monroe) was passed several years ago, as the King unfortunately comes up quite a few times in the more upbeat of the two songs, "Time Travel Tonight." In "More Effeminate Than You," he admits to playing with "girls toys" as a child and being more beautiful than the object of his affections. All things considered, this is pretty solid shit for the hair spray-addicted set. (Teenage USA)