Robert Pollard's Circus Devils Reveal Two New Albums

Robert Pollard's Circus Devils Reveal Two New Albums
Prolific indie rock prince Robert Pollard is stepping away from Guided By Voices and his solo career this fall to issue a pair of LPs with his Circus Devils  project. Both When Machines Attack and My Mind Has Seen the White Trick arrive October 29 through Happy Jack Records.

Tracklistings have not yet popped up for either platter, but a press release hints at When Machines Attack being a concept album featuring 18 tracks that detail "a probable future forecasting civilization's approaching doom and the opportunities to cash in." The record is further described as "an unsettling listen," and features a cast of characters that include "The Controller," Johnny Dart, Bad Earthman, Doberman Wasp, the Brain of the Iron Fist, and more.

On the flip side, My Mind Has Seen the White Trick counters the concept-heavy When Machines Attack with "a set of thematically unrelated pieces," and apparently has Pollard and brothers Todd and Tim Tobias heading into jazzier territories. That said, the album had the trio crafting all of the cuts around vocal melodies, which is the inverse of the rest of their LPs. That's kind of conceptual, right?

Circus Devils' last LP was 2011's Capsized!

The one-two punch from Circus Devils comes at the end of a year that has seen Guided By Voices issue a bunch of 7-inches, the Down by the Racetrack EP and the English Little League album. Pollard also delivered his Honey Locust Honky Tonk solo LP and the debut from his Teenage Guitar.