Robert Pollard Gets Set for New 'Mouseman Cloud' Solo LP

Robert Pollard Gets Set for New 'Mouseman Cloud' Solo LP
Having just released a new Guided By Voices album in Let's Go Eat the Factory, frontman Robert Pollard is not ready to kick back and relax. Instead, the prolific songwriter has announced yet another solo album, dubbed Mouseman Cloud.

According to a press release, the new record sees Pollard "in a playful and spontaneous mood. This is a record by a guy who just wants to rock, and not have to worry about how that rock will be received by anyone other than himself."

The description continues, explaining that the album is not too far removed from the recent GBV effort, but "the emphasis on Mouseman Cloud is on wordplay rather than melody, on unkempt exploration rather than melody." That, combined with the album's badass cover (see above), suggests another excellent rock'n'roll record from this prolific indie rock legend.

Mouseman Cloud will be available on March 20 via GBV Inc.

Mouseman Cloud:

1. "Obvious #1"
2. "Picnic Drums"
3. "Mouseman Cloud"
4. "Dr. Time"
5. "Lizard Ladder"
6. "Human Zoo"
7. "Bats Flew Up"
8. "Mother's Milk And Magnets"
9. "Continue To Break"
10. "I Was Silence"
11. "Smacks Of Euphoria"
12. "Science Magazine"
13. "No Tools"
14. "Aspirin Moon"
15. "Half-strained"
16. "Zen Mother Hen"
17. "Chief Meteorologist"