Robert Pollard Announces New 'I Sell the Circus' Solo LP

Robert Pollard Announces New 'I Sell the Circus' Solo LP
Guided By Voices may have broken up again, but that's not stopping frontman Robert Pollard from maintaining his prolific output as a solo performer. The overabundant artist's next surge of solo material arrives as Ricked Wicky: I Sell the Circus and will hit stores February 3 through GBV Inc.

A press release notes that the name Ricked Wicky traces back to Pollard's early days, with the title owing to a non-existent group the songwriter had conceived as a teen. A statement from Pollard has him describing Ricked Wicky, as displayed on I Sell the Circus, as "a sophisticated arena rock band."

The 15-song set was recorded at Dayton, OH's Cyberteknics facility, with Pollard assisted in the studio by producer Todd Tobias and musician Nick Mitchell. I Sell the Circus is said to be influenced by the boogie of Joe Walsh's James Gang on "Piss Face," while King Crimson and light prog project Emerson Lake and Palmer are also noted as being influential to the LP. At least thematically, the horns are being thrown up to the youth on "Death Metal Kid."

Down below, you'll find the full tracklisting for Ricked Wicky: I Sell the Circus, as well as a stream of the set's lo-fi, Coors-fuelled bar rock stomper "Mobility" down below.

Ricked Wicky: I Sell the Circus:

1. Well Suited

2. Death Metal Kid

3. Guts

4. Cow Headed Moon

5. Piss Face

6. Even Today And Tomorrow

7. Intellectual Types

8. Uranus Flies

9. The Important Girl

10. Frenzy Of Blame

11. Mobility

12. Tomorrow

13. Miles Of Concentration

14. Rotten Backboards

15. A Real Stab