Robbie Rivera/ Various Juicy America

If you’re digging the electrifying electro house sound currently taking clubs by storm, you may want to give the latest release by Robbie Rivera a listen. Juicy America, released by Rivera’s own Juicy Records, is a hard-hitting collection of electro-inspired house tracks that would have speakers jackin’ movement on any huge club dance floor. This record is a technical earful with some cool vibratory sounds but depth and heart are sadly lacking. With a few exceptions (like Parantula’s beautifully layered samples in "The World” or the moving vocals of Gabriel & Dresden’s "Tracking Treasure Down”) the tracks on Juicy America are just cold. But if you like a little iciness to jumpstart your sensory spectrum this record could be falling into your collection. The production is impeccable, as would be expected from an artist who has produced songs for Madonna, Minogue and Moloko, to name but a few. (Juicy)