RJD2 "We Come Alive" (ft. Son Little)

RJD2 'We Come Alive' (ft. Son Little)
Philly-based producer RJD2 announced plans for a new LP earlier this year, teasing the arrival of Dame Fortune with tracks like "Peace of What" and "The Seboygan Left." Keeping the momentum going, he's now dropped another album cut titled "We Come Alive."
The song features guest vocals from Son Little; the two have previously collaborated with the on projects like Icebird and share a common musical eccentricity. "Our musical tastes are very similar," RJD2 said in a press release, explaining their creative connection. "He can go from Black Sabbath to Dennis Brown and not miss a beat. We work very well together."
You can hear their shared eclectic influences merge into a soulful, smooth-groovin' mix on "We Come Alive" in the player below. Dame Fortune is due out on March 25 through RJD2's own Electrical Connections.