Rival Boys Call It Quits

Rival Boys Call It Quits
Toronto three-piece indie rock unit Rival Boys have spent the last few years charming us with their unique blend of crunchy guitars, sweet melodies and swooning strings, delivering an exciting twist on Canadian indie.
Unfortunately, the band will be packing it in for good after their show tomorrow night (January 30). The band announced via Facebook that their hometown show at Lee's Palace will be their last as Rival Boys.
The message revealed plans to release a string of B-sides and other previously unheard recordings over the next little while, though there are not future studio plans for the group. At the bottom of the post, you can hear the first of such songs — a tribute to The Simpsons' favourite sad sack, "Ralph Wiggum."
Rival Boys most recently released Animal Instincts back in the summer of 2014. You can read their full break-up announcement below, and listen to "Ralph Wiggum" in the player at the bottom of the post.
Dear Everyone,
We're here, with heavy hearts, to tell you that after our upcoming show on January 30, Rival Boys will be calling it a day.
For the last 7 years the three of us have loved making music together and playing for all of you. It has been an incredible experience and we are so grateful for all the support you have shown us over that time. Rival Boys was our first band, and even though we were kids when we started, we've all grown together. We have played with some fantastic bands and have met some really wonderful people. We were able to release 4 records that we are so proud of. We would not trade that for anything.
We've always tried to be as honest as possible, in our music, and in our lives. And, after a lot of soul-searching, we've decided that the most honest course that we can take — that respects what this has all been about for us — is to step back from the path we've been on, and try some new things.
Because we love you, we would like to share some new music that we've been quietly working on over the last couple of years. Over the next few weeks, we will be celebrating Rival Boys by releasing new material, unreleased B-sides and other recordings that only a few people have heard.
To start us off, here is a new song called "Ralph Wiggum" that we recorded at the end of last year, which we thought you'd like.
While it's sad to say goodbye, we are beyond grateful for the experience of being in this band for so long.
Please come and see us play our final show on January 30th at Lee's Palace, and wish us well.
Thank you all for your support.
Love, from the bottom of our hearts,

Lee, Graeme and Sam