Rise Against, "Weird Al" Yankovic and Morrissey Lead Our New Release Roundup

Rise Against, 'Weird Al' Yankovic and Morrissey Lead Our New Release Roundup
It's Tuesday, which means our New Release Roundup is back to bring you reviews of new, buzz-worthy albums. Click through to find out what our reviewers thought of this week's offerings to help separate the glorious wheat from the hollow, hollow chaff. We'll be back next Tuesday with another roundup of the week's big music reviews. In the meantime, keep checking our Recently Reviewed section for hot-off-the-press reviews of brand new albums.

Kicking things off is our review of the new, politically charged release from Rise Against. Is The Black Market a step in a new direction for the Chicago outfit, or is it more of the same stick-it-to-the-man subject matter? Check it out to see where our reviewer stands.

The master of song parodies and musical comedy returns with Mandatory Fun. We've got a review of "Weird Al" Yankovic's new album, detailing his spoofs on Top 40 hits, his penchant for polka and his clever social commentary. Read it at the link above.

In contrast, Morrissey's new album borders on humourless. But is World Peace Is None of Your Business any of, well, your business? Read the full review to find out. We've also got a review of Toronto-bred MC King Reign's new, fittingly named record — Sincere takes an honest stance on sensitive topics like the flaws of the music industry and racial discrimination. Follow the link to find out more about why it's worth your attention.

Finally, read our review of Shamebirds, the latest from Vancouver act Needles//Pins. It's a pounding, genre-hopping release that our reviewer calls "a step in the right direction" for Needles//Pins.

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