Riot 99

Last Train to Nowhere

BY Shawn MerrillPublished Feb 1, 2003

Canada is still making a mark with a plethora of street punk oozing out of the seams of every city across the nation. Riot 99, representing the gutters and alleyways of Toronto, may still think it's 1979, with their brand of bum rushing, snotty pogo-punk, but even in 2003 songs about sex with nuns still remain relevant in certain fetish circles. Keeping that in mind, their cover of "Dirty School Girls" by the Ejected seems only natural, as well as a tasty fellatio number called "I Just Wanna' Suck Your." Surely any fans of Blanks '77, the Wretched Ones, Disorder, the UK Subs or the Exploited will dig the 12 raging tracks produced by this raunchy bunch of drooling lager lads.

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