Riff Raff "Spazz Out" (ft. Travis Barker) (video)

Riff Raff 'Spazz Out' (ft. Travis Barker) (video)
What the hell has happened to Riff Raff? Once an endless well of rap memes, the NEON iCON has now become a weird Warped Tour muscle man. The rapper turned sorta punk guy looks swole as hell as he raps in front of a Journeys banner in his new "Spazz Out" video.

As evidenced in the track description, the song features drumming from Blink-182/Transplants member Travis Barker. He's technically in the video too, although shots of him performing in a black room have been awkwardly stitched in between the performance footage. There's also a subplot where they've put a Riff Raff emoji over a young girl's face for some reason. Riff Raff then signs t-shirts for mall goths in the merch tent. The whole thing kinda looks like a garishly bright Kool-Aid commercial.

If any of these descriptions have strangely captured your interest, you can watch the video for "Spazz Out" below.