Riderless Fallen Reverends

This London, Ontario post-rock sextet have had a busy existence since they first formed, only three years ago. During this time they’ve managed to release a whopping six releases, each chock full of their articulately improvised instrumental post-rock tapestries. Soft acoustic passages, from which the band’s musical roots sprang, now mark out peaceful breathing space between the sleepy, delicate yet often quite intense post-rock grooves the Riderless so gallantly trot these days. Their label, Kinghaxi, has also expanded over the years, having set out to release efforts from other London experimental bands, like Oblq and Figure & Ground. Fans of Do Make Say Think and even dreamier post-rock stuff like A Northern Chorus will probably dig the Riderless for their often swirling, hypnotic arrangements and deep emotional threads. In essence, they are a band that’s both challenging themselves (by constantly swaggering ahead into new grounds of sound) and supporting their local scene. How could your heart not warm to that? (Kinghaxi)