Ride "Pulsar"

Ride 'Pulsar'
After sharing their Weather Diaries earlier this summer, Ride have shared another new track titled "Pulsar."

The song finds the band teaming up once more with Erol Alkan, the legendary producer and DJ that helmed the boards for the band's latest effort. Drummer Laurence Colbert offered the following statement on the track:

Pulsar re-imagines old organ samples, transmissions from space, effects, heavy beats and pulsing chords. The song title tips its head to the '60s instrumental 'Telstar' in name and theme; and the idea was to come up with some kind of 'space anthem' about light, existence, travel and return. The band all contributed to make the song what it is, and it all really came together in the studio when we worked with Erol Alkan once again, following on from the success of the 'Weather Diaries' sessions.

Weather Diaries is out now through Wichita Recordings. Hear "Pulsar" in the player below.