Rick Rubin To Produce New Crosby, Stills & Nash Album

Rick Rubin To Produce New Crosby, Stills & Nash Album
Is there a busier man in music than Rick "Superbeard" Rubin? In some way he's had a hand in nine albums released so far in 2008, ten if ZZ Top squeeze theirs out before 2009. He's also shown some affection for the elderly, reviving the careers of Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond and now Crosby, Stills & Nash. But no Young.

David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash will enter the studio with Rubin to record their first studio album since 1994's After the Storm. The plan is to make an album of cover versions, which was apparently the producer's idea. "Rick Rubin's a brilliant man," Graham Nash told Billboard.com, "and what he wants is an album with no CSN songs. He wants to do an album of all the songs we love, all the songs we wish we've written. It's brilliant from this point of view because we usually wait five years to record an album. This way there's no pressure."

Narrowing down the list from 60 to 20 songs, the band are currently rehearsing them to include on their summer tour. However, Nash refused to name any of the songs, though he hinted they are popular choices.

The band expect to begin recording in early 2009 and once ready, the record will be released through Columbia.

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