Reverie Sound Revue Reintroduce Themselves with Debut Album

Reverie Sound Revue Reintroduce Themselves with Debut Album
By this point, those fortunate enough to know the cool and collected sounds of Reverie Sound Revue may be wondering, whatever happened to this little heard and under-appreciated band of Canadian popsmiths?

The quintet originally formed back in 2002, released a killer self-released and self-titled EP in 2003 and then, slowly but surely, began to make what seemed like their exit. The band's various members started leaving their hometown of Calgary for various locales around the country, putting aside their slick pop blend of Saint Etienne meets early Cardigans for pursuits in art, architecture and mathematics, not to mention Lisa Lobsinger's periodic stint as Broken Social Scene's on-call female vocalist.

Well, to our welcome surprise, Reverie Sound Revue have not left the building. In fact, next month will finally mark the release of their long-overdue debut album.

Like RSR's EP, the full-length will take the self-titled route but this time will come out via their new label home of Boompa on June 23. For the recording, each of the members worked on the album from his or her respective home base, which at the time included such cities as Vancouver, Calgary and RSR's current headquarters of Toronto. Through the wonders of technology and Canada Post, the band eventually wrapped the album despite the geographical barriers, and really, from what we've heard of the record, all the long-distance relationships didn't hurt it in the least. To see for yourself, just scroll down and check out the vid for the album's lead-off track, "An Anniversary Away," which was directed by RSR songwriter Marc De Pape.

And if a full-length album wasn't already enough to get the RSR devotees brimming with excitement, the band will give their 2003 EP a digital reissue on May 26, also courtesy of Boompa. It will contain the six songs found on the original release, as well as the bonus track "In The New (Floor Mix)." (Over here, you can currently grab the EP track and RSR classic "Rip the Universe.")

And while there are no live dates currently in the works, guitarist Patrick Walls recently told Exclaim! to be on the look out for what he calls "a kind of virtual tour," which will involve a series of online posts featuring Walls and Lobsinger playing several Reverie songs. Also, he told us the band plan to make a video for album track "You Don't Exist If I Don't See You," with the release of that still to be determined.

For now, here's the tracklisting for the album, as well as the EP reissue:

Reverie Sound Revue LP:

1. "An Anniversary Away"
2. "We Are the Opposite of Thieves"
3. "Prelude to a Debut"
4. "Pretty One Play"
5. "Arrows"
6. "In Hotel Homesv 7. "Off Rooftops"
8. "I Could Be Dangerous"
9. "You Don't Exist If I Don't See You"
10. "May Be First, May Be Second"
11. "The Leisure Lost"

Reverie Sound Revue EP:

1. "Walking Around Waiting Downtown"
2. "It's All the Same"
3. "Rip The Universe"
4. "Passes & Passports"
5. "The A.M."
6. "One Marathon"
7. "In The New (Floor Mix)"