Reunion Show Kill Your Television

One of the negative side effects of this so-called "new rock revolution" is the plethora of cookie cutter rock bands wasting valuable petroleum resources with the manufacture of jewel cases and their second-rate CDs. Though Long Island, NY's melodic rock Reunion Show probably isn't the worst offender in the MOR scheme of things, the two-year-old quartet is wholly indicative of the current glut. Here's the formula: take one predictable and energetic melodic rock song, add a two-finger hunt-and-peck keyboard bit, in the sonic spirit of the Cars, and presto, you have something that sounds exactly like a very deliberate cross between Weezer and the Foo Fighters. These guys must have a killer live show; why else would the gang at Victory even bother? Check out these inspired lyrics: "Look at me, I'm on the tele-v. How could this be, it's me on channel 3." (How, indeed.) Or check out this one: "She wants to be in magazines and be beautiful for everyone to see. It's raining in her room again. So she turns off the TV." If you can relate to that sort of lyrical angst, I suggest you get a life. File under not-so-solid waste. (Victory)