Revenge on the Riverside

BY Liz WorthPublished Aug 1, 2005

With guitars so sharp they could very well have strings made out of razor wire, drums so deep they’re threatening, and vocals that sound like they’ve been wrenched out of dark, unimaginable places, the Resistance are once again barrelling out of the prairies with their second album, Revenge on the Riverside. This female-fronted act out of Selkirk, Manitoba, combine aggressive but melodic stylings to achieve a darker punk sound with a hardcore influence. Critically acclaimed for both their live performances and 2003’s debut Plague the Nation, the Resistance’s sophomore effort sees the band poised for more praise. From the dark-hearted "The Devils Eye,” the bitter "Dollhouse,” to the album’s title track, Revenge on the Riverside is a highly-charged triumph from beginning to end. This is a highly expressive band with a well defined style that lives up to the hype. The Resistance are likely to become an important fixture on Canadian punk from here on in.

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