Resindust Resindust

An immersive album of deep, spacy ambient atmospheres and layers of guitar melodies, Resindust is one very pleasant listen. Analogous artists that come to mind in listening to this recording would be Kurt Swinghammer or Pat Metheny by the way the artist on Resindust combines adept melodic guitar work on lush billowing canvases of understated synthesiser notes. There are some non sequitor tracks such as "artism,” which is made up entirely of lyric-less vocal harmonies. But overall, ambiance and guitar work dominate. An attribute of Resindust is how on much of the material, layered guitars are structured such that differing melodies co-exist and complement one another. As a guitar album or anyone who likes really good ambient music, this recording is accomplished and a joy to subject oneself to repeated listens. (Independiente)