Removal There Can Be Only None

With two full-length records to their credit, you'd think this instrumental trio would have run out of fresh ideas by now. After all, how many angry jazz-punk riffs can there be? But somehow the surname-less trio of Bill (guitar), Rob (bass) and Ernie (drums) have managed to scare up enough for a third disc, the inspiration for which even they are loath to explain. "I think we have escaped one of the major pitfalls of rock music," Ernie says. "Often times, writing music the same way with the same people results in repetition. We were able to create a third CD that expands the original idea of the band (rock music with samples) without sounding like it's trying too hard." The recording process itself allowed them to expand their sound as well. Recorded at his own Big Midget studio with help from noted Vancouver engineer Blair Calibaba, Ernie says using analog recording gear and a digital editing suite allowed for some experimentation. "With the technology available in the computer, all limits were thrown out the window," he says. "We edited, time stretched, pitched up or down, etc. and basically freaked out to our hearts content. This stage of recording resulted in every non bass drums guitar sound on the CD." The result is an adventurous and dynamic record that says so much without saying a word. (Scratch)