Remake Remodel 12345 Accelerate

This four piece from Down Under churns out standard grrrly garage rock with riffs that snarl and sass. Easy comparisons would claim that they’re the foreign cousins of the Donnas, or the younger sisters of Sleater-Kinney (the trade-off vocal style here is very similar), the Runaways, or Bikini Kill. But Remake Remodel’s less estrogen-fuelled and more accurate role models would be seminal male rock’n’rollers of the late ’70s and early ’80s. Here are simple, catchy hard pop rock tunes that pretend to be nothing else; pretension and punker-than-though snobbery are thankfully absent, a humility that seems to be less present in these sisters’ rock’n’roll brothers of late. Also, the fuzzy yet controlled production is surprisingly sophisticated for girls so young, but they have been together for at least four years, making waves in Australia with this and their first EP. Of course, this is all nothing new, but being in the right place and the right time might mean you’ll be hearing a lot more about these gals with the hopeful release of their full-length. (Independent)