Reels Reels

The Halifax trio Reels originally hail from the Moncton area and are definitely indebted to the vision of their home city’s Rick White. On their debut release, the band showcases a heavily influence to White’s Elevator project, as well as his Unintended band-mates regular gig in the Sadies. While they have not yet reached the same level as either of the aforementioned, this eight-song collection finds the band splitting their time between upbeat retro cow-punk and psychedelically-tinged rock. Singer Craig Buckley sings in a higher register than you’d imagine him to. That may have more to do with his age than anything — if these guys are out of their teens it’s just barely. Produced by Charles Austin at his Ultramagentic studio and featuring guest appearances by Ruth Minniken and Dale Murray, this is a nice starter collection that hints their best work is still to come. (Independent)