Redd Kross Announce First New Album in 15 Years

Redd Kross Announce First New Album in 15 Years
While Redd Kross have occasionally got back together to play shows since the middle of the last decade, the veteran punks-turned-popsters haven't issued a LP since 1997's Show World. It's been a long time coming, but the band will mark their proper return this summer with Researching the Blues.

Merge Records has announced that it will issue the ten-song set August 7. True to form, the album was written and mixed by founders and brothers Jeff and Steven McDonald.

According to the band, the record's their best yet. A tall order considering a varied 34-year career that's produced hardcore hits like the Red Cross EP and 1987's psych-pop platter Neurotica.

"It has the most singular artistic vision of any record we've done," Jeff said in a statement. "It's just ten really fucking awesome songs that have the ability to move you in many different ways."

Song samples have yet to arrive, but you can see the tracklisting down below and the cover up above.

In other McDonald news, bassist Steven's other project, hardcore supergroup OFF!, issue their self-titled LP tomorrow (May 8).

Researching the Blues:

1. Researching the Blues
2. Stay Away From Downtown
3. Uglier
4. Dracula's Daughters
5. Meet Frankenstein
6. One of the Good Ones
7. The Nu Temptations
8. Choose to Play
9. Winter Blues
10. Hazel Eyes