Red Hare Detail Debut LP 'Nites of Midnite'

Red Hare Detail Debut LP 'Nites of Midnite'
Earlier this year, members of defunct post-hardcore crews Swiz and Sweetbelly Freakdown announced they had gotten together once again in a new band called Red Hare, and that they'd be releasing their full-length debut Nites of Midnite through Dischord and their own resurrected imprint, Hellfire, this spring. Sticking to their word, the band have now locked down a May 21 due date.

The band's eight-song debut was mixed by J. Robbins (Jawbox, Office of Future Plans) at Magpie Cage studio in Baltimore, Maryland. As previously deduced, the band's first teaser track "Horace" figures on the tracklist as the album opener. You can sample the peppery fist-pumper in the player down below. You can also peruse the LP's freaky, lapin-laced artwork up above.

As previously reported, Red Hare features original Swiz vocalist Shawn Brown and guitarist Jason Farrell, along with later member Dave Eight. Following that band's dissolution in the early '90s, the three revived their musical partnership as Sweetbelly Freakdown. Now, as Red Hare, the band is rounded out by drummer Joe Gorelick, who had previously partnered up with Farrell in '90s post-hardcore act Bluetip, and more recently in Retisonic. Gorelick also played in Garden Variety.

Nites of Midnite:

1. Horace
2. Be Half
3. Dialed In
4. Nites of Midnite
5. Message to the Brick
6. Hello Disaster
7. Snap
8. Fuck Your Career