Red Fang "The Shadows"

Red Fang 'The Shadows'
After searing computer speakers with "The Meadows" last week, Portland metal crew Red Fang have served up the other side of their two-song freelease via Scion A/V. You can wreck your neck to "The Shadows" now.

In 5/4 time, the vicious single has the band flexing fuzzed-out bass lines, a frenetic drum beat and toxic shock six-strings. While vocals are primarily belted out by the burly Oregon crew, the occasional ominous vocal harmony is inserted into the arrangement. A long mid-song passage is full of furious cymbal hits, twinned guitars and more, and you explore the depths of "The Shadows" by streaming or downloading it through the player down below.

As previously reported, a 7-inch with the two tracks will be available to purchase on Red Fang's upcoming U.S. tour.