Red Fang "The Meadows"

Red Fang 'The Meadows'
The good people at Scion A/V are dabbling in murky waters again, set to issue an EP from Portland sludgesters Red Fang early next month. Ahead of the official release, though, you can check out the metal band's blazing new tune, "The Meadows."

If the title has you expecting a pastoral and flowery folk arrangement out of the Oregon combo, guess again. Picking up where the band left off with last year's Whales and Leeches, "The Meadows" unleashes a barrage of muscled-up drum pummelling, quicksand-thick riffs and teeth-baring growls similar to contemporaries like Kylesa. The fade-out finale on the track leaves a musky aftertaste, and you can stream or download the number via the player down below.

A 7-inch with the track will be available at merch tables on Red Fang's upcoming U.S. tour, while a full download of the EP is expected to drop May 6.