Real Estate

The Main Thing

BY Matt YuyitungPublished Feb 25, 2020

Real Estate are one of those bands that it might take a few listens for their intricacies to truly register. You might start thinking this is just another indie group with clean guitar tones and wistful vocals. But that's when the nimble lead guitar parts, knack for melody and strong lyricism catch your attention, and remind you how effective this band's songwriting is.
It's a sound that Real Estate have honed over the last decade through various personnel changes, and a sound that remains as strong as ever on their latest record.
Real Estate's biggest strength has always been how well they function as a unit. They're able to take a number of seemingly simple parts and build unassuming, yet complex, nuanced and textured arrangements. The intermingling of guitars and keyboards on "Also A But," and the nuanced, laidback arrangements on "Shallow Sun" provide effective proof. The band's textured songwriting approach is also as strong as ever, as the dream-pop undercurrent that's made for some of their strongest work is as present as ever.
There's no elegant showmanship to be found on this record (or in their catalogue for that matter). This is a band that know how to not waste notes, and construct their songs in the most effectively economical way possible. The Main Thing is a warm, inviting record that slots nicely into the band's catalogue, and should reward fans of the Real Estate's understated yet powerful songwriting.

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