Raz Mesinai

The Unspeakable

BY Thomas QuinlanPublished Feb 1, 2001

When dub/world music maestro Raz Mesinai (better known as Badawi) was told the music he was working on for Hellraiser 6 was "too scary for the movie," Mesinai switched his focus to create this soundtrack to an imaginary horror flick about the struggle between a young boy and the demon trying to possess him. While The Unpeakable may become a cult favourite amongst horror fans, and more specifically, fans of Hellraiser who may want to get there hands on some unreleased songs from the movie, it really deserves to be heard by a much larger audience. Describing it as "an electronic, avant-classical masterpiece of horror," as written on the CD, leaves nothing out. It is creepy, with Raz's atmospheric use of live instruments and voices combined with the occasional drumbeat. Sure, there are a few dark, dance oriented (horror-house, maybe?) tracks like "Monster Mash" and "Skeleton Dub," but they don't intrude on the rest of the album. Rather, they add a sense of funkiness to the album that relieves tension momentarily while also building it up more subtly. Although it would be interesting to witness the reaction from a crowd if one of those tracks were dropped in a club, the best way to hear The Unspeakable is from beginning to end, much as you would watch a movie. The album creates a mood, and being alone in a darkened room may even become unbearable. If you like dark, instrumental music that slithers up your spine, you absolutely cannot do without Raz Mesinai's The Unspeakable.

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