Ray Davies Thanksgiving Day EP

Apparently, the older you get, the longer it takes it do things. Take legendary Kinks front-man Ray Davies, for instance, who has been working on his first full-length album of new songs in a bazillion years for approximately a bazillion years now. The latest indication things are moving ahead is this EP, the catchy, mid-tempo title track of which finds Davies in familiar character-study mode, painting an aural picture of a typical American Thanksgiving Day family scene. Another track, the brassy, ’80s-sounding "Yours Truly Confused N10,” already appeared on his Tourist EP, released a couple of months prior to this one. Meanwhile, the song "Storyteller” dates back a few years to Davies stories-and-songs tour of the same name. This EP is rounded out with a yawn-worthy alternate version of "Thanksgiving Day,” that all but confirms this once mightiest of songwriter is officially bereft of inspiration. Of course, all of this teaser action is intended to heighten anticipation of Davies forthcoming full-length, Other People’s Lives, which is slated for its eventual release sometime in February. Be sure to watch for its follow-up in the year 2012. (V2)