Ravin / Various Buddha-Bar X

This double disc album, like many of the choices available in the George V Records catalogue, would be a great CD for business owners (it’s venue-oriented). Maybe you just opened up a bar in Asia and would like to see it filled with stylishly dressed people. Maybe you’re a cosmetic surgeon and you need calming sounds for the waiting room. This music might even work as a warm up for your modern dance or yoga class. It’s better than what you would hear on at work adult contemporary radio stations. I believe this may be, in fact, the new elevator music for the 21st century: world beat-inspired lounge songs that are rich and relaxing yet simple and non-threatening enough to appeal to public audiences. And you heard it here first. Buddha Bar X features music by La Noireaude, Waldeck, Samo Zaen and more club-oriented tracks by Lulu Rouge, Buschemi and others. (George V)