Ratiscule Un Chaud Combo

Ooh la la, these Bardot sisters are a couple of fun girls. France’s and Canada’s super sexy electro-pop dream machines have debuted with an album that is daring and provocative. It’s lust at first listen when the opening track "I’m Too Slutty To Go To Your Party” breaks out. The album carries on with its Euro-trash styled songs, taking the listener along on dangerous car rides and fantasies that are soaked in voyeurism. There’s a satisfying amount of debauched content with plenty of bleeps and bloops thrown in along the way. There’s even a clap-along or two for those who like their music to be interactive. Kristi and Lisa Bardot have figured out how hot French pop can be and they’ve worked combinations of it into a killer routine. Fans of female-fronted electro now have something new to get fanatical about, and it’s called Ratiscule. (Independent)