Rapoon vs. Kinder Atom Rapoon vs. Kinder Atom

Given that the folks in Kinder Atom used to be label-mates with Rapoon back in the DOVe Records days, this collaboration is partially a jam between old friends. However, for fans of Kinder Atom's playful beats, these tracks may come as a surprise. The disc has very few moments of danceable tempos and tends to favour Rapoon's slow-building, minimalist aesthetics. The seven tracks thus provide some interesting atmospheres. Helicopter-like patterns emerge out of the Gregorian drones on "Cookies," while electro winds gently hover over the dubby riddims and 808 mania on the subsequent "Cookies On Poon." A cut-up loop of hand drums recurs throughout the disc, particularly on "Rhino Bone" and "Blue Under Shadows." The disc could use a little more of Kinder Atom's melodic sensibility and some more dynamism in general, that is for those who don't have the acquired taste for such heady grooves. Subliminal for some, but sedative for others. (Klanggalerie)