The Ramblin' Ambassadors 'Ramble On' with New LP

The Ramblin' Ambassadors 'Ramble On' with New LP
We're currently in the bleakest stages of winter, but a couple of months from now, it will be time to flip back the top on the convertible and blast the new LP from Calgary-based surf rock instrumentalists the Ramblin' Ambassadors. Fittingly titled Ramble On, it will be out on March 6 via Mint Records.

According to a press release, this is "another platter of big beat, no bullshit guitar instrumentals" that finds the band "[kicking] up way more turf than surf." It was recorded in the group's "secret underground bunker" with studio whiz Russell Broom, and reportedly showcases the Ambassadors' most stripped-down sound yet.

The evocative song titles include "Dallas B. Goode," "Clambake!" and "Meat Sweats." Why are we feeling a little hungry?

Ramble On will be available digitally and in a vinyl edition of 500. See the tracklist below, and head to MySpace to hear the album cuts "Clambake" and "Super Bee." The Ramblin' Ambassadors will launch the album on March 23 a Dickens Pub in Calgary.

Ramble On:

1. "Standoff at Calf Robe Bridge"
2. "Clambake!"
3. "Back Seat Action"
4. "The Savage"
5. "Tyger Beat"
6. "Pine Beetle Express"
7. "Meat Sweats"
8. "Super Bee"
9. "Dallas B. Goode"
10. "Super Lungbucket"