Raised By Swans No Ghostless Place

"We were young/We didn't heed those things," Eric Howden quietly sings in falsetto on opening track "We Were Never Young." The first moment of No Ghostless Place begins a journey through 13 moments of aural splendour, as themes of fading youth and fleeting love evoke both mournful and triumphant emotions. Raised By Swans have grown from their debut album, Codes and Secret Longing, which was enjoyable, but not even close to their sophomore album's transcendent, angelic presence. "Hail of Arrows" is a heart-wrenching song that has early Interpol guitar tones and a strong bass presence keeping the beat. Listening to Howden sing, "But if we don't shield ourselves then we won't have to fear the arrows," creates an eerie sense that anything is possible. The album has staying power, growing in stature the more it's listened to, as songs like "The Waiting's Over" and "The Past is the Prey" create contemplative fields that can raise any grief-stricken spirit. This album cannot be missed. (1101)