Actress "Rainy Dub" / "Faceless" (preview)

Actress 'Rainy Dub' / 'Faceless' (preview)
For those of us anticipating the release of Actress's second LP, a teaser of what promises to come is upon us. The UK-based producer announced plans in late October for a new album, as well as the release of two new tracks: "Rainy Dub" and "Faceless."

The twelve-single containing both tracks is to be released November 28 via Honest Jon's, but the label has uploaded minute-and-a-half sneak previews of what we can expect from Actress.

From the small samples, the distorted basses and digital blips heard on 2010's Splazsh are present, but little can be deduced from the samples without hearing the tracks in their entirety.

Check the samples of "Rainy Dub" and "Faceless" for yourself below.

Actress - Faceless (clip) by Honest Jons

Actress Rainy Dub (clip) by Honest Jons