Rah Rah's Erin Passmore Details Solo EP

Rah Rah's Erin Passmore Details Solo EP
Last year, Regina, SK-based pop rock collective Rah Rah hinted that we should expect a solo collection from singer/multi-instrumentalist Erin Passmore. As promised, she has now unveiled her Downtown EP, due out February 28 via Hidden Pony Records.

The collection was recorded in Montreal and produced by Matt Lederman (Holy Fuck, the Besnard Lakes). It features musical backing from Lowell Campbell and Tim D'eon of Wintersleep, Mishka Stein (Patrick Watson), Pat Sayers of Young Galaxy and Winter Gloves.

According to a press release, Downtown EP is made up of "personal, poetic, reflective and wry songs that tackle personal relationships and wrestle with the confines of living in a small town." It also includes a "noticeable nautical undercurrent."

Passmore said in a statement, "Ultimately, I find I get a lot of my material from the disconnect that happens when [I] get home from experiencing some epic parts of the world. In the sense of comparing one place with another, Regina is a great place to live but it's also great to get out of for a while."

Get a free download of the stomping title track right here, and check out Passmore's very limited live schedule below. Expect more shows to be announced before long.

Passmore previously performed a solo song for Exclaim! TV when Rah Rah stopped by our offices. Watch "Prairie Girl" below.

Tour dates:

1/25 Regina, SK - The Exchange
2/24 Regina, SK - Distrikt