Rags & Ribbons The Glass Masses

Dramatic music is often seen as a sign of unnecessary complexity, insincerity and a lack of attitude. But this couldn't be said about the way Rags & Ribbons make their music. These earnest chaps create theatrical music that isn't weighed down by the heady delusions of prog-rock. The Glass Masses is a debut LP of epic proportions, as Rags & Ribbons deliver a solid sound that just so happens to encapsulate vocal harmonies, complex arrangements and many keyboard interludes. Even lead single "Even Matter" has a small keyboard solo. If this description raises trepidation, fear not, The Glass Masses is handled in good taste. "Abacus Kids" and "We Have Been Here Before" create atmosphere and a sense of grandeur amongst their only partially cheesy lyrics. The Glass Masses gives reason for drama fans to rejoice and those more interested in simple affairs to start experimenting. (Independent)