Rae Spoon Announces 'I Can't Keep All of Our Secrets'

Rae Spoon Announces 'I Can't Keep All of Our Secrets'
Rae Spoon's musical journey has seen him morph from a country/folk-tinged act from Calgary to an electro-pop experimenter in Montreal, and his newly announced album I Can't Keep All of Our Secrets is said to pull him even further towards the latter.

A press release explains that the album, which comes out January 12 via Saved By Radio, is the artist's most electronic effort to date, building on the mildly Euro-dance-inspired feel of last year's Love Is a Hunter. Along with Spoon's meshing of analog synth work and distorted guitars, fellow Montreal-based musician Lynne T (Lesbians on Ecstasy) and Berlin's Alexandre Decoupigny contributed computer programming and beats to the nine-song set.

Lyrically, the collection is said to be about "the complexity of grief," with many songs dealing with the loss of one of Spoon's friends. You can check out the tracklist below and the album cover above.

I Can't Keep All Of Our Secrets:

1. "Ocean Blue"

2. "Crash Landing"

3. "I Can't Keep All Of Our Secrets"

4. "When I Said There Was An End To Love I Was Lying"

5. "Are You Jealous Of The Dead"

6. "London Destroyer"

7. "Ghost Of A Boy"

8. "Promises"

9. "Ice Caps"