​Radiohead Rarity "Come to Your Senses" Surfaces Online

​Radiohead Rarity 'Come to Your Senses' Surfaces Online
Photo: Rick Clifford
Prior to the release of 2007's In Rainbows, Radiohead toured the record's upcoming material — as well as some songs that didn't end up on the album. Specifically, a track known as "Come to Your Senses" was played during the soundcheck for a show in Berkley, CA, and has never been released in its entirety — until now.
A one-minute bootleg clip has been circulating for years, but the same bootlegger (who goes by the name Hoserama) has now unleashed the full recording of the storied song.
The recording emerged on Reddit yesterday (June 24) to mark the 12th anniversary of the song's initial onstage debut.
Give it a listen below.