Radio Dept. Live in Lund

Radio Dept. <i>Live in Lund</i>
As a fan, it's hard not to wonder most days if Lund, Sweden's the Radio Dept. will ever deliver on the promise of their third album. Clinging to a Scheme has been in the works for quite some time now (originally I was told in a 2007 interview to expect it that year). And while there hasn't been an official update from the band as to when it will be out, in a recent interview they announced "the album is almost finished," as well as that "there are political lyrics on the album but it's not an over all theme... It's a good, strange, arty pop album."

And that's about it.

It's a good thing then that these Swedes have quite the gift shop going on at their website. If you check out their downloads page you'll find quite a few freebies up for grabs - even more if you register with the site.

Most recent is an authorized bootleg from a gig they played in their hometown last year. Simply titled Live in Lund, the recording sounds somewhere in between the crowd and the band, as it's heavy on both the crowd's enthusiastic response and the dreamy textures of the band's music, which comes off even airier than it does on record. It's a weird experience that feels more like a casual get together than an actual gig, but it goes to show the elegance of a band like the Radio Dept. Best of all is the premiere of three new untitled songs, which for some people, is enough of a distraction as we wait endlessly for that Scheme of theirs.

Download Live in Lund

The Radio Dept. "Worst Taste in Music" (live)